Our location is not for the faint of heart. We live on a remote ridge in the Appalachians of West Virginia, with breathtaking views and unforgiving roads. Weather conditions, rugged terrain, and forces beyond our ken and control are part of everyday life. 

And we love it here, and look forward to hosting you!

Visit our travel information page for the best ways to reach us, and determine what time of year will be best for your visit. Find out more about our property and amenities here, and learn how to get a day pass.

We also offer overnight camping and in-house overnight guest visits. Find out what kind of wildlife you may encounter on your visit here.

For those who schedule in-person visits, we can offer:

  • In-person divination, ritual services, customized items
  • Flexible camping or in-house guest lodging
  • Guided drives in and out from a town along your route
  • Parking at the entrance to our private road, and shuttle service up to our property in one of our vehicles if you prefer not to take your own vehicle off road
  • Cell and Internet service at the main house/hilltop
  • Electrical power/charging at the main house, or options to rent a portable USB battery, solar charger, or gasoline generator for your campsite.
  • Meals in-house, or camping provisions and water delivered to your campsite

We’re still in the early stages of accepting visitors, but you’re welcome to set up a private visit before online bookings open, just email: team@greykindredspirits.com

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