Timing Your Visit

Our area offers the full spectrum of seasonal experiences! Depending on what kind of retreat you are looking for, use the following rough schedule to advise your visit:

Best Wildlife Season: April – October
Mid Spring – Mid Fall provide the best times to observe local wildlife.

Best Time to Avoid Insects, Snakes, & Other Critters: Late November – Early March
We have some spiders and insects year round, but most cold-blooded creatures sleep over winter.

Peak Wildflower Season: April – August
If you’re hoping to observe the most blooms along the trails, visit in Spring or Summer!

Peak Green Foliage/Natural Campsite Privacy: May – September
If you want to enjoy the most verdant landscape, or have the most privacy for your campsite, the summer leaves will create an excellent natural shield. Distance viewing is most limited during the greenest season/fewer clear view observation points available.

Fall Colors: Late October – Late November
Autumn colors are phenomenal here, but one of the most fleeting seasonal spectacles! Choose a visit within this ~30 day window in mid-autumn for your best chance to observe the colors.

Running Water in Creeks (or not): November – May / Likely Dry Season: June – October
There is often running water somewhere on or near our property, but during the dry season over summer, many of the higher elevation creeks nearest us run dry. This dry season is the best time to observe stones and erosion formations within the creek beds! 

Thunderstorm Season: April – Mid-September
If you’re hoping to enjoy some thunder and lightning, visit during the summer! Be advised that our elevations do have high winds during storms, and bouts of torrential rain often accompany storm fronts, but most storms that come through the area are not severe, and provide excellent view of cloud formations, lightning, and rain patterns.

Snow Season: Late December – Early February
Our homestead is mostly closed during peak snow season from mid-December through January due to difficulties traveling through surrounding roads, but we do take limited private winter visits by special appointment. Contact us if you are interested in arranging a winter visit or staying over the holidays.

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