We rely on the generous support of our clients, patrons, and friends in order to keep our services affordable, and to provide pro bono/no cost services to those who need them. When you donate to us, your money goes to things like:

-Temple supplies for pro bono services (candles, incense, herbs, etc)
-Covering our time for pro bono service (we try to set our rate based on a living wage, but we’ll work for $0/h when someone needs it)
-Temple maintenance (costs required to keep up our off-grid infrastructure, such as repairs to solar equipment)
-Food for livestock and local wildlife (we try to provide healthy options to animals in our area year round)
-Supplies for environmental stewardship work (such as pest protection treatments for endangered trees)
-Feeding and housing the sorcerers!*

*In historical times, the “keeping” of local clergy was common practice. Priests would be provided for by their communities– there would be lodging at the temple or a parsonage home, community members would trade food/goods or labor in exchange for spiritual service, the costs of operating the temple would be shared by the entire community or sponsored by a ruling king or larger religious organization. Most modern clergy members do not have this luxury any more. We pay for our own mortgage, food, medical care, and many other things. It is very important to us to provide accessible spiritual service regardless of an individual’s ability to pay, but we do publicly charge for our services in order to make income enough to keep the temple open and ourselves healthy enough to serve in it!

It means a great deal when folks choose to support us as individual clergy workers, or support our pro bono work by helping to share the costs of supplies and compensating us for our professional time.

Thank you to all our supporters!

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