Talismans & Magical Items

We offer charms and talismans imbued with specialized intentions, charged and crafted to your specifications for a variety of occasions and purposes. View our full selection on Etsy.


These energetic wards are hand cut from parchment paper to keep negative energy and entities out one’s home, office, car, or other location, and/or away from your person. They can also be designed to nurture the positive energy and entities invited within the shielded perimeter.


These talismans make excellent tokens for protection when hung near a door or window, and can also be used to strengthen magical ties between individuals. Alternatively, they can be used in cord cutting ceremonies to help remove unwanted connections.

Luck & Protection Items

We can create everything from wearable jewelry to wallets to large art pieces you can hang in your home. These items can be charged to bring good luck, draw money, lend protection, attract new relationships, and much more.

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