We offer a wide range of divination methods, reading styles, and readings for a specific focus, such as relationships, career or educational path, ancestral history, and more. Visit our Etsy shop for our full selection.


Tarot is a way to use shared symbols and stories to talk about complicated life problems. We have a wide range of decks at our disposal, and can draw 1, 4, 5, or 10 card spreads to help lend insight to your question or decision.


Based on the ancient art of casting bones and charms. Our reader will do one toss of the bones on a goatskin to get clarity around past, present, and possible future circumstances for your situation.

Akashic Records

Our Akashic Librarian will consult the records via meditation and astral journeying, and attempt to bring you whatever he can find in the universal “database” in answer to your questions. These readings are ideal for more deeply understanding your spiritual path and cause-and-effect in your life and family.

Aetherian Runes

Aetherian is Lask’s native Light language, which contains specific grammar around time, gender(s), and relativity, making this system capable of delivering great nuance in detail when it comes to examining the causes and effects of a situation, and helping project possible outcomes.

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