Pro-Bono Work & Donations

We donate herbs, oils, spells bags, and provide emergency spiritual services to individuals in need, subject to supply and resource availability. We are proud to partner with organizations and individuals to provide supplies and counseling to assist with crises of an acute spiritual, supernatural, or magical nature.

Please bear in mind we are only a two man team, and not medical or legal professionals. The services we offer serve as “pastoral” counseling or life coaching.

Protection Spell Bags

For protestors, justice advocates, and individuals facing racial injustice or social discrimination.

Justice Services

We conduct weekly justice, healing, and protection services every Sunday to promote physical safety, spiritual and emotional healing, civil equality, and justice for all people of the Earth, with a particular focus on the United States of America during our time of great political and spiritual need.

Support for Abused or Battered Individuals & Families

If you are living in or recovering from an abusive relationship, we want to lend what protection we can and help you feel spiritually and emotionally strong enough to move forward to better times and circumstances.

Support for LGBTQ+ Individuals & Families

Support to help you embrace your identity, heal from toxic families of origin, shed social negativity or rejection from others, lend protection against injustice and discrimination, and help you shine as who you are.

General Donations

Ask for assistance wherever you are, or pay it forward for someone else.

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