Healing Services

We can help you clear your mind and body of negative energy and tension, cope with trauma, transform grief, break generational curses, banish negative entities, and much more. We are compassionate and open-minded listeners who work with people from all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. You will always be treated as an individual, and be given help to develop spiritual strategies that work with your life and your beliefs.

Simple Refresh

Try a general cleanse of your energy to help you shake off accumulated negativity, and a boost to rekindle your vitality and spiritual awareness.

Full Repair

Ideal for cleansing negativity and lending strength to carry complex stress, grief or trauma, or for those who feel they are actively being attacked by other psychic energy or entities.


We provide compassionate, thoughtful spiritual advice, and are available for more in-depth conversations about specific areas of magical practice, or private demos. Our experiences allow us to be sensitive and helpful when it comes to religion or practice transitions, conversion and enlightenment experiences, crises of faith, challenges in magical practice, unsettling ritual/magical experiences, unexplained brushes with the unknown, encounters with spirits (both friendly and not), and all other manner of spiritual and magical concerns.

Candle Blessings

Candle lighting is an excellent way to send supportive, healing, protective, or other positive energy to yourself or another.

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