Custom Spells & Rituals

We have multiple altars and magical workspaces in our home that we will be happy to put to work for you! We pride ourselves on providing a fully customized, personal experience for every ritual we do. Our spells can help lend energy to personal growth, relationships, healing, career, protection, and much more. Browse our full selection of options on Etsy.

Candle Spells

Candle lighting is an excellent way to send supportive, healing, protective, or other positive energy to yourself or another. We can light candles at the time you go in for an interview, during a surgery, at the time of a major life transition, to bless weddings or new babies, and much more!

In-Depth Rituals

We will design a ritual specific to your needs, which will include a mix of candle work, bell ringing, incense burning, scrying, ward making, petition papers, negative energy cleansing, spell jars or bags, and much more!

Justice Service

While we do not offer “cursing” or “hexing” services, we do recognize that sometimes there can be enough harm/suffering that it should be brought to the universe’s attention. This type of ritual can also be good for letting go of negative energy, and passing a dark or unfortunate situation into the universe’s hands, understanding that you cannot take further physical action in the situation.

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