We want to help you feel more in touch with the Light, and better actualize your potential. In service of this mission, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of products and services, based on our combined decades of practice, experience, and insight. Whether you are looking for ritual supplies and premade kits to use in your own magical practice, want us to work a ritual on your behalf, or anywhere in between, our team can help.

While we each have specialties, each member of our team is competent in all of the essential services we offer. We’ll put together a custom plan to help you get the insights and results you are looking for, often using a multi-layered approach with a variety of tools and services tailored to your budget and unique situation. Nearly all of these services can be ordered directly from our Etsy shop. If you do not wish to order through Etsy, feel free to contact us directly.


Divination is a powerful tool for personal reflection and insight. Our readings help you evaluate potential outcomes and examine influences surrounding individuals, and will give you new perspectives to consider in your ongoing work and reflection.

All of our readings can be done long-distance, and we can report the results to you either through email, texting & pictures, through social media, or over video call.


Scrying may seem mysterious, but it is a deeply personal and intuitive practice that takes many forms. It allows us to catch glimpses of hidden influences, gives us new angles to consider, and can show possible outcomes. There are many forms of scrying, and we specialize in firegazing, mirror work, water scrying, and wax reading. Scrying can be done for you long-distance via email/text or over the phone. As part of our spiritual counseling and spell work, we are happy to offer basic instruction in scrying, and to work with you to determine what form of scrying you may be most attuned to.

Custom Spells & Rituals

The act of ritual is powerful, and magical practice can help with personal growth, prosperity, coping with change or loss, and other mental/emotional challenges, cleansing, shielding & energy protection, navigating difficult interpersonal issues, and much more. We design powerful ritual workings for you that use the full spectrum of our tools and talents to help you attain deeper insights and achieve your goals. You may participate in the design and action of the rituals if you would like, or you can leave it to us!


We design one of a kind art pieces, tools, and charge everyday items designed specifically for your needs. We can design items to help with protection, money-drawing, relationships, home and family goals, and other practical-life situations.


We provide compassionate, thoughtful spiritual advice with all of our readings and workings, and are available for more in-depth or standalone conversations when the need arises. Our experiences allow us to be sensitive and helpful when it comes to religion or practice transitions, conversion and enlightenment experiences, crises of faith, challenges in magical practice, unsettling ritual/magical experiences, unexplained brushes with the unknown, encounters with spirits (both friendly and not), and all other manner of spiritual and magical concerns.

Curios & Supplies

We curate all sorts of supplies to help you in your own magical practice, and are always happy to provide educational materials to go with them. Items we sell include ritual salts and oils for bathing and candle/altar dressing, herb, roots, and resins, charged room sprays for those who can’t or prefer not to use burning herbs, hand-compounded loose incense, bones, scales, altar decorations, ritual tools, and more.

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