We want to help you feel more in touch with the Light, and better actualize your potential. In service of this mission, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of products and services, all of which are based on our combined decades of practice, experience, and insight. Whether you are looking for ritual supplies and premade kits to use in your own magical practice, wanting us to work a ritual on your behalf, or anywhere in between, our team can help.

While we all have specialties, each member of our team is competent in all of the essential services we offer and eager to find a solution that works for you. We’ll put together a custom plan to help you get the insights and results you are looking for, often using a multi-layered approach with a variety of tools and services tailored to your budget and unique situation.

Many of our workings come with the option to have a token of the ritual added to our ongoing altar work. This means your request will keep getting the “boost” of the devotional efforts we give all our work, including frequent candle burning and altar dressing to keep everything charged up. Many readings and workings will include a small stone or other focus object, herbs, or some of the ritual components so you can continue to carry the energy and charge the intention at home.

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Divination is a powerful tool for personal reflection and insight. It can give us information on cause and effect for a particular event or situation, and what we need to understand and solve our own challenges. Our readings help you evaluate potential outcomes and examine influences surrounding individuals, and will give you new perspectives to consider in your ongoing work and reflection.

We offer tarot card readings, futhark rune readings, and tea-leaf readings (drinking nice cup of tea is an excellent bonus!). As an uncommon specialty, we are also proud to provide cleromancy readings. Cleromancy, also called “casting the bones,” “rolling the bones,” or “casting lots,” is a very old form of divination found across many cultures and times. It uses small objects and the way they fall when thrown to provide insight.

All of our readings can be done long-distance, and we can report the results to you either through email, texting & pictures, through social media, or over the phone.

We love doing in-person readings, and clients often find our process fascinating, so if you are local please arrange to see us in person!

  • Mini Reading (~5 minutes, one tarot card/rune pertaining to one question. Not available for cleromancy.) $5
  • Short Reading (~15 minutes, 4-5 card spread or partial kit casting, focused/targeted on one question or issue): $10
  • Tasseomancy Reading (~25 minutes, includes your choice of hot tea, a chat about what’s troubling you while it brews, and a tea leaf reading): $20
  • Full Reading (~30 minutes, 12-14 card spread or full kit casting, potential to explore multiple facets of situations/questions/issues) $25
  • Extended Consultation (~60 minutes, ritualized setup with candle setting included, potential for multiple casts/draws to deeply examine or clarify your situation, with spiritual counseling and advice as appropriate) $60


Scrying may seem mysterious, but it is a deeply personal and intuitive practice that takes many forms. It allows us to catch glimpses of hidden influences, gives us new angles to consider, and can show possible outcomes. There are many forms of scrying, and we specialize in firegazing, mirror work, water scrying, and wax reading. We are always happy to do a scrying-style reading for you, and sometimes our intuition will clearly communicate what method is most beneficial. Scrying can be done for you long-distance via email/text or over the phone. As part of our spiritual counseling and spell work, we are happy to offer basic instruction in scrying, and to work with you to determine what form of scrying you may be most attuned to.

Our prices for standalone scrying are similar to those for our other forms of divination, regardless of the type of scrying chosen.

  • Short Reading (~15 minutes, simple setup, focused/targeted on one question or issue): $10
  • Full Reading (~30 minutes, more elaborate setup, potential to explore multiple facets of situations/questions/issues) $25
  • Extended Consultation (~60 minutes, ritualized setup with candle setting included, potential for multiple questions or scrying methods to continue exploring or clarifying your situation, with spiritual counseling and advice as appropriate) $60

Light Setting

Candles can be powerful tools for magic. At its simplest, the very act of lighting a candle with focused intention is a form of magic. We use candles in almost all of our work, and often design small, everyday rituals or ongoing workings around them. If you visit us or engage us for a reading or ritual you are very likely to observe this, and welcome to watch and assist as we prepare your candle on our altar.

In our light setting service, we work with you to determine the best way to capture your intention and communicate it to the candle. This generally involves engraving the candle with words or sigils and/or creating petition papers to set beneath it, as well as dressing the candle with oils and/or herbs and monitoring the full candle burn to report on any flame or wax behavior that may give you additional insight.

Light setting works across any distance! We will prepare a candle (or series of candles) for you, including engraving, dressing, and petition papers as appropriate, and will burn them on our consecrated altar until the working is complete (no snuffing!). We are always happy to send you digital pictures of our work–before, during, and after, so you can feel confident in the process.

  • Simple Light Setting (one candle, engraved and dressed with oil): $10
  • Enhanced Light Setting (one candle, engraved, dressed with oil and appropriate herbs/incense, petition paper created and charged during our ongoing altar working for at least 30 days): $20
  • Light Vigil (one candle per day for seven days, each engraved and dressed with oil and appropriate herbs/incense, petition paper created and added to our ongoing altar working): $75

Commission two same-tier light setting packages and get the third (equal value) half off! Contact us for discounts on ongoing/”contracted” light setting and/or inclusion in our regular altar workings.

Spells and Charms

The act of ritual is powerful, and magical practice can help with personal growth, prosperity, coping with anxiety, depression, and other mental/emotional challenges, cleansing, shielding & energy protection, navigating difficult interpersonal issues, and much more. Using a variety of sigils, spells, bottles, bags, cords, charms, and talismans, we can help you manifest your intentions.

Our sigil workings and other “everyday” spells are designed specifically for your needs, using the appropriate materials and methods for your situation. We also offer charms and talismans imbued with custom intentions and charged appropriately for your needs, as well as hand-woven cords that are crafted to your specifications for a variety of occasions and purposes. Our spell bags are assembled and charged to help you raise, keep, and direct your energies, and can be carried on your person or tucked away somewhere safe. Our spirit bottles serve as an excellent focus or battery for your energy and intentions, as well as being able to act as a dedicated tool for cultivating relationships with friendly spirits. We generally have items on-hand for most requested concerns and goals, and are happy to take custom requests.

We can also design powerful ritual workings for you that use the full spectrum of our tools and talents to help you attain deeper insights and achieve your goals. You may participate in the design and action of the rituals if you would like, or you can leave it up to us and we will report to you on our plans, send digital pictures, and give you summaries of the working as appropriate.

  • Custom Sigils (designed to your specifications and created using appropriate materials, complete with instructions on charging, releasing, and disposal if necessary): $20 for more simple workings done solely on our end that are charged, released, and either destroyed or kept on our altar, $30+ for custom workings where you are given a carefully crafted and aesthetically appealing sigil with instructions to take home. Additional charges may apply for special materials, framing, etc.
  • Spirit Bottles: $5 small, $10 medium, $20 large, $25+ for custom
  • Spell Bags: $10-15 for premade, $20+ for custom, depending on ingredients and peripheral workings/charging methods
  • Cords, Charms & Talismans: generally $20+, priced according to materials, complexity, and customization options
  • Custom Spellwork & Ritual Design: Please contact us to request a consultation or quote. This can range from a smaller spell working at $30, up to very complex and lengthy workings at increased cost. We take this work seriously and want to help however we can, and will do our best to create a solution that works for your budget and situation.

Cleansing and Protection

We offer home and personal energy cleansing/blessing services, which are particularly good when you are going through a life transition, like ending a relationship, moving into a new home, or starting a new undertaking. These workings may include burning herbs, room sprays, walkthroughs or consultations to scan for energies, and tailored rituals. We can also provide banishing and warding services if you are experiencing negative entities or energies, being troubled in your dreams or in your home.

Additionally, we offer unique paper wards that can be used at any time and in any place. These wards are designed, crafted, and blessed to draw love and Light and prosperity–and to help keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe from negative spiritual influences and energies. They can be tucked into small places or displayed prominently, hung over doors, kept under beds–we will help you figure out what’s best for you!

  • Basic Paper Ward (Designed and crafted for protection, prosperity, or other targeted outcomes. No inscription or paint.) $10
  • Custom Paper Ward (designed and crafted for your specific intentions/needs, inscribed and painted in powerful inks, with finely scented water and oil): $25+, depending on complexity/ingredients
  • Personal/Home Cleansing, Banishing, and Warding: Please contact us to request a consultation or quote. A general “move-in” package to prepare a home that does not have any known energy blockages or powerful negative energy is usually around $100. Note in your inquiry if you feel the situation is an emergency. We take this work seriously and want to help however we can, and will do our best to create a solution that works for your budget and situation.

Counseling, Healing, and Resource Matching

We provide compassionate, thoughtful spiritual advice with all of our readings and workings, and are available for more in-depth or standalone conversations when the need arises. Our experiences allow us to be sensitive and helpful when it comes to religion or practice transitions, conversion and enlightenment experiences, crises of faith, challenges in magical practice, unsettling ritual/magical experiences, unexplained brushes with the unknown, encounters with spirits (both friendly and not), and all other manner of spiritual and magical concerns.

A specialty of ours is entity/spirit identification. We also assist in dream interpretation, lucid dreaming practice, and dreamwalking. Additionally, we can help you begin a magical practice of your own with education, coaching, resources, and hands-on instruction, and are always available to help with preparing ritual tools and altars.

We also offer energy healing consultations and services. For clients who have established a mutually trusting relationship with us, we may be able to assist in forging stronger relationships with friendly spirits, facilitating spiritual quests, and ushering trance journeys.

We are dedicated to helping you find the resources you need and will do our best to match you with the people, tools, and practices that can help you most.

  • Spiritual Consultations: Varies, but generally priced at $20/half hour if no additional readings/workings are being done.
  • Energy Healing: Contact us for consultations and pricing. Healing sessions are generally $30/half hour.

Magical Supplies

We sell all sorts of supplies to help you in your own magical practice, and are always happy to provide educational materials to go with them. Items we sell include home décor, jewelry, accessories, ritual salts and oils for bathing and candle/altar dressing, herb bundles and fans, charged room sprays for those who can’t or prefer not to use burning herbs, hand-compounded loose incense, various herb and petal sachets, rocks and crystals, feathers, bones, scales, altar decorations, ritual tools, and more.

We love custom orders! Let us know if we can make a custom salt, oil or incense for you, or if you are looking for the perfect piece for your home or altar.

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