Property, House, & Amenities

Our homestead consists of 180+ acres of mountain wildland, a fully off-grid home, working farm, and hiking trails in Calhoun County, WV. Our area provides excellent dark sky conditions, and the hilltops offer stunning views of the night sky and celestial events. We came to the property in 2021, and continue to grow our homestead and increase regular maintenance of wild areas. We currently raise chickens for eggs and meat, cultivate fruit trees, and grow our own seasonal produce. 

Main House
Our home was built in 2007 by a local engineer who is one of our nearest neighbors. It is built largely from reclaimed materials, with 2.5 levels and plenty of natural light throughout the day. The home is big enough to allow one to easily feel “alone” or in private space if desired, and has a large common area and kitchen on the second floor. Guests have a downstairs bathroom all to themselves, and are welcome to use our household altars and spiritual spaces during their visit, with standard supplies (such as candles and incense) being complementary for use during your visit.

Our homestead runs primarily on solar energy, with modern electrical capacity– feel free to have the lights on, use fans or window-unit ACs, charge your devices, and anything else you would do at home!

In times of extended cloud cover or high energy usage, we use an outside generator to charge the household battery. This generator runs on natural gas sourced directly from the property. While we try to be mindful of when the generator is running and do not operate it during sleeping hours or scheduled quiet ritual times, be aware it IS a noisy machine and will produce a steady background drone much like a large lawnmower running outside, and usually has to run 3-8 hours to fully charge the house battery. Personally, we find the generator sound to be steady, unobtrusive, and easy to tune out with windows closed or at a reasonable distance.


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