Universal Justice Service – Karma Working – Release Negativity

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This kind of service can be useful for:

• Moving on from abusive relationships or environments
• Recovering from personal experiences of injustice, brutality, coercion, theft, or other actions done against your will
• Identifying and blocking individuals or other magic users actively causing you harm
• Banishing negative entities that have attached to you
• Coping with childhood trauma/abuse, or finding closure in past situations where you were powerless
• Setting one’s goals against destructive habits and lifestyles


While we do not offer direct “cursing” or “hexing” services, we do recognize that sometimes there can be enough harm/suffering that it should be brought to the universe’s attention. We do not direct magic at anyone else or perform “attack” magic, but rather ask the universe to hear an individual’s case and see that justice is appropriately administered. This type of ritual can also be good for letting go of negative energy, and passing a dark or unfortunate situation into the universe’s hands, understanding that you cannot take further physical action in the situation.

We achieve this a variety of ways, including petition papers to be burned, fruit or other objects being exposed to the elements, burying items on our property, leaving tokens at crossroads or railroad tracks, and much more.

When you order this service, we will be in touch within 1-3 business days with any additional questions we have about your situation, let you know what day we’ll do the working, and give you an estimate of when you can expect a full report and photos of how everything went.

We do not pretend to be “psychics” who can read your mind or predict your future. We know only what you tell us, and what our divining tools and astral resources suggest. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our team members, methods, our beliefs, or anything else, so please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing if you have any curiosity or concern.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm

Full Service + Energy Healing, Simple Justice Working/Negativity Release

4 reviews for Universal Justice Service – Karma Working – Release Negativity

  1. Godis Good

    Thanks guys for all of your extras hard work removing 🙏 🙌 ❤ 👏 the bad spirit from behind me. I feel so light weighted now…

  2. ShamanicBearsBotanica

    Amazing guys!! Their work is beyond wonderful!! Such lovely people to work with🦋🦋🌈🌈🌹🌹

  3. River of Angels

    Excellent service!

  4. Tia


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