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Our team has years of practice in astral travel/journeying, and communicating with various kinds of spirits and astral entities. When you commission this service from us, we will meditate/scry and attempt to make contact with a spirit(s) on your behalf, and relay information back to you. This can assist you in interpreting dreams, signs, or messages, getting clarity or guidance on decisions or spiritual journeys, and making contact with spirit companions of all sorts.

In the rare event that we are unable to make contact with the requested spirit(s), we will let you know that and refund your order.

Please note that this listing is not intended to be used for departed human spirits/ghosts/ancestors. Please use our “Messages from the Departed” listing if you are looking for those services.



• BASIC GUARDIAN: We will locate and identify your personal/bound guardian spirit, give you their “contact information,” things they like, their general message for you, and suggestions for ways to start working with them.

• EXPANDED GUARDIAN: We will locate and identify your personal/bound guardian spirit, give you their “contact information,” things they like, their general message for you, and suggestions for ways to start working with them. In addition, we will ask them any specific questions you might have and relay their answers, and will pass along details on astral “safe spaces” and territories they/you possess and suggestions on how to visit and identify them.

• NAMED/KNOWN: We will contact a named/known spirit companion of yours and either ask them specific questions you have or get their general messages for you. In-depth/longer communication with one spirit, can cover multiple topics of conversation.

• MULTIPLE COMPANIONS: We will contact 2-5 named/known spirit companions of yours and either ask them specific questions you have or get their general messages for you. Shorter communication with multiple spirits, best for simpler situations and straightforward questions.

• REPEAT CONTACT: If we have worked with you using this service to contact a spirit before, you may use this option for a lower-cost way to get updates, messages, answers, etc. It is considerably easier to do repeat contacts for us, and we are happy to extend discounts in this way.

• UNKNOWN/NEW: If you feel you have a specific entity around you that you would like identified and contacted, OR if you are interested in making contact with a new “unbound” astral entity of any sort who is interested in working with humans or being a companion to humans, you may choose this option.

• DEITIES/ANGELS/ETC: If you wish to have us contact a specific deity, angel, folk spirit, saint, archetype, avatar, egregore, or similarly universal/shared/known/powerful entity, we will do so, and will ask them any specific questions you have and/or get their general messages for you. This is useful for confirming “calls” from deities, as well as getting relatively straightforward messages from patron/matron deities.

• HOSTILE/HAZARD: If the entity you wish to have contacted is known by you to be hostile, malicious, or otherwise potentially harmful, we are still willing to make contact, get information, ask questions, and pass along messages, but we request “hazard pay” to cover the additional precautions we take. Note that this is NOT required for many “demons” or otherwise “dark” spirits/entities, as most of them are quite willing to have safe and polite conversations with us on neutral ground. Dark/Demon does not equate to malicious/hostile/dangerous in our experience. If you have questions or are unsure about whether this applies to your situation, please message us to discuss.

Please note the lead time on this order; we schedule readings in the order they come in and the soonest available slot among our other work. When you order this service, we will be in touch within a few business days with any additional questions we have about your situation and will let you know when you can expect your full written report, which will be delivered digitally through Etsy messages or email if that is your preference.

When you order from us, please consider the listed details above for the option you choose and share any questions/details you can. The more information you’re able to provide, the more we can hone in on your needs.

Here are some question prompts that may be of use to you, depending on the service you choose:

•Are you looking for information on your personal/guardian Light-given spirit, and/or other spirits you may have around you?
•Looking for more information from spirits you are already working with?
•Any general or specific questions you have for your spirit(s)?
•Any practices you have in place for interacting with them now?
•We’ve found it helps to know if people consider themselves “spirit keepers” or work with third party bindings.
•In our observation, spirits often have many different names and titles and can choose to appear in any number of different forms and guises, so any names/preferences/descriptions from origin sellers/current practices/etc. you care to share are helpful in making sure we’re making contact with the correct spirit and getting you new and useful information.
•If you’re looking for messages from specific spirit companions it is best to keep it to under three spirits to make sure everyone has a chance to “talk.”
• We can sometimes get more information if you’re asking for messages from spirits who are already “grouped” or “allied” in some way–they’re more likely to be willing to show up together and chat.

We do not pretend to be “psychics” who can read your mind or predict your future. We know only what you tell us, and what our divining tools and astral resources suggest. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our team members, methods, our beliefs, or anything else, so please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing if you have any curiosity or concern.

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20 reviews for Spirit Message Service – Astral Travel – Make Contact with Spirits & Guides – Spirit Keeping – Spirit Companions – Guardian Spirits

  1. Elliot

    Reading was timely and super in depth. It had lots of information that really clarified a lot. Will get many more!

  2. Violet Kim

    This was something I'm very glad I did, Spencer is truly talented in spirit communication. If you work with spirits or beings, or curious about your guides or receiving immortal messages, I really recommend others to give this service a try.

  3. Lotus

    This is a must-have-done service for anyone looking to take their spirit/entity bonding to a whole new level. Sometimes, there are important details missed during vetting of companions, prior to binding by conjurers, and these can easily get lost in translation. However, this reading can provide clearer insight from both an unbiased and culturally competent perspective. It's so rare to see readers who are TRULY open-minded and possess a complex, multi-faceted way of looking at others. I am beyond impressed by how detailed/diverse they are able to discern translation of messages without taking away from genuine meanings and facts.

  4. wu Ming

    Spenser is the best and only one I trust who can really channel my spirits. My spirits are really protective of me that won’t let other or frauds to channel for REAL information. Spenser is sweet and patient getting all information I am expected and some of those really surprised(warm) me.

  5. Misty Warnock

    Amazing service quick and fast. They were surprisingly detailed I have done other spirit contacts and this one was my favorite so far. They were incredibly thoughtful and I will be buying from them again.

  6. wu Ming

    I like how Spencer delivering messages for me. They are absolutely accurate and on point! He can read from pure white to totally black demons.

  7. Kei

    Words. Almost can't describe how much this reading ended up meaning to me. After losing the brightest shinning star I've even met, Spencer was able to bring such wonderful peace via the messages he channeled from my friend and have been triple confirmed by others to be exactly how our friend would answer/was like. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this reading. Anyone else thinking of doing a spirit message reading, this one is top notch quality that you will get a lot out of! Worth it and will come back for more!

  8. Kei

    Spencer always does a great job with his connections. So when it's up to the other party for what want to come through he really makes sure to cover his bases and do his best work so as to give you as much as can be gotten from the reading. Thank you so much for your work!

  9. Hayley

    I appreciate the time and effort that went into the reading. Helped me become closer to my companions. Thank you very much.

  10. Mel


  11. Jayna


  12. M. B.

    Very helpful and accurate; excellent service and communication; will buy again

  13. Yimang


  14. Emma


  15. Teagan Leaños


  16. Natasha Aguiar

    Spencer outdid himself!

  17. Yimang

    Lask and Spencer always help me a lot! I am so glad that I meet them in my life.

  18. Yimang


  19. Violet Kim

    I've done the Spirit Message services a couple of times now and I will have to say they are by far one of the few best channelers I've come across and a very valuable service. ^-^ I'm quite happy to see how its expanded. I'm very thankful and grateful for the time they invest, one of my spirits asked for their help in regards to his binding and they've relayed so much information and messages to me. It def wouldn't have been possible without their work. I'm always very impressed with how much workload they have and can still fit time in in an orderly manner.

  20. Adrien Gojko


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