Monthly Full Moon & New Moon Ritual – Manifestation – Abundance – Healing – Love – Cleansing – Protection – Waymaking


Have us light a candle on the Full Moon and New Moon for you during our recurring group rituals! This is an excellent way to support ongoing manifestation, healing, and protection work, support job or house hunts, promoting pregnancy or recovery from illness, and much more.


When you check out tell us:

-1-3 things you’re working toward, manifesting, or hoping to gain or achieve (these will charge your New Moon candle)
-1-3 things you want to let go of, shield against, heal from, or overcome (these will charge your Full Moon candle)

After each working, we will send you photos of the moon ritual at different stages, and report if we notice any interesting signs from your candle flame, the speed it burned, or how much wax dripped.

We can ship the wax, ashes, and a sample of other ritual leavings you in a spell bag at your request; use this listing to select your shipping option:

Please be aware that we will not perform workings “on” other people, or otherwise attempt to manipulate someone’s thoughts or feelings without their consent. That is, we will not do magic with the goal of making someone fall in love with you, give you money, have bad luck, etc. However, we can perform workings to help facilitate you meeting the love of your life, opening communication between you and your partner, working toward financial prosperity and domestic comfort, and similar blessings. Feel free to message us before ordering to discuss what we can do to help your specific situation.

We are a team of two people in the Central timezone of the U.S., and this shop is staffed during regular business hours. (Though we will schedule off-hours workings, such as Full or New Moon workings, by appointment!) Keep this in mind when thinking about when to schedule, or when to expect to hear from us. We try to keep our working calendar updated (with simple anonymous markers) to indicate available time/space on our altar, and our correspondence hours:

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 cm
Subscription Length

Biannual (6 mo), Full Year (12 mo), One Month, One Quarter (4 mo)


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