Complete Spell Oil Arsenal – Bundle of 17 Spell Oils

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This listing is for a bundle of 17 spell oil bottles, one of each of our specialty blends! These oils are carefully blended with essential oils, herbs, and curios to lend specialized energy to your magical workings.

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This bundle contains one 1 oz glass dropper bottle each of:

-Blaze My Will Spell Oil • Special Oil #20 • Candle Oil
-Tide Changer Spell Oil • Van Van • Luck Correct
-Bountiful Harvest Spell Oil • Prosperity • Money Drawing
-Sweet Courtship Spell Oil • Attraction • Come Here
-Promethean Roar Spell Oil • High John the Conqueror Oil • Luck • Money
-Law Be Just Spell Oil • Law Keep Away • Protection Against Corruption
-Slipped the Net Spell Oil • Reversal • Uncrossing
-Scorching Spell Oil • War Oil • Fiery Wall of Protection
-Swift Wing of Peace Spell Oil • For a Peaceful Home
-Eye of the Waters Spell Oil • Bay Rum • Conjure Oil
-Purification Spell Oil • Cleansing Sage for Spaces & Objects
-Armor Spell Oil • Shield of Steadfast Resolve • Protection
-Crown of Success Spell Oil • For Victory
-Shine Spell Oil • For Positive Energy and Motivation
-Luminari Spell Oil • Angel’s Blessing
-Hush Spell Oil • Quieting Empath Shield
-Dream Phoenix Spell Oil • To Enhance Psychic Abilities


About Magical Oils:

Magical oils, also known as ritual oils, condition oils, conjure oils, dressing oils, anointing oils, or hoodoo oils, have an almost endless variety of uses.

Our magical oils are excellent for:
– Personal scent/perfume/cologne
– Dressing candles and petition papers
– Scenting baths and magical washing waters
– Scenting altar or offering water
– Creating or refreshing wards
– Anointing thresholds
– Feeding power items such as:
– Spell bags
– Mojo hands
– Stones or crystals
– Altar/ritual tools
– Spiritual statuary
– Personal jewelry, talismans, and everyday carry items like wallets, handbags, and keys

Choose the best oil or oils for your needs according to their properties, and be creative in how you use and apply them–feel free to message us for suggestions that are specific to your situation!

Our magical oils contain essential oils diluted in a neutral carrier oil, and many of them contain herbal, mineral, or resinous solid curios which may make them unsuitable for some aromatherapy diffusers. Read the instructions for your particular model and clean between uses if you choose to put them in your diffuser, or contact us for diffuser-specific needs.

Our oils are sold as curios and are for external use only. Spot test before applying to objects, as oils may leave stains. Perform a skin test prior to applying new oils. Not recommended for use on children or pets. CAUTION: Some blends contains a small amount of clove and/or cinnamon essential oils, which may cause skin sensitivity for some users. Our Scorching Oil is NOT SKIN SAFE for anyone, please use caution when handling.

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 cm

2 reviews for Complete Spell Oil Arsenal – Bundle of 17 Spell Oils

  1. Lotus

    I have tried most of these (will probably get to all of them within a few days hehe), and am already very pleased with the results. If you get the WHOLE collection, you won't regret it! This is a power-packed arsenal of spelled oils that are versatile and diversified in purpose/magickal effect. So far I have used them in candle dressings for spells and spirits offerings. 'Eye of the Waters' is my favorite so far, and I've annointed on 3rd eye/throat areas for an intense psychic boost for mediumship practice with the utmost efficiency and precision. 'Scorching' is my runner-up favorite, and is proving effective in baneful magick against enemies who are currently harassing me and my students. Every single oil I've tried so far has turned my office into a pleasant maelstrom of magick ☆°▪︎

  2. Grace Evand

    My go to shop!

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