Akashic Records Service & Personalized Kit – Astral Reading – Magical & Karmic History or Future

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Our team member Lask has years of practice in astral travel/journeying, and making inquiries within the Akashic Records (the universal hall of records, library of cosmic knowledge, etc.) When you commission us for this service, Lask will consult the records via meditation and astral journeying, and attempt to bring you whatever he can find in the universal “database” in answer to your questions.

Bear in mind, this isn’t a “past life” reading. We don’t tend to think about “past lives” the way some people and readers do. We’ve certainly seen some individuals who have had definitive experiences or memories in times/places before this lifetime, but that’s fairly uncommon in our experience– it’s more often the case that people have strong ancestral memory or magical ties to things that happened in the past even if it wasn’t them/their specific soul present at that time. There’s such a wide variety of experiences in life, astral realms, and consciousness, that we try to allow for the nuance of individual experiences, with our readings focused primarily on the magical influences in your current life, or events from the past that are still actively affecting you.

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**This service is in quite high demand, and we can only complete 2-3 readings a day due to the time they take and our other orders. Please be prepared to wait 3-6 weeks to receive your report.**

These reports generate a lot of in-depth information, and take hours to complete. Lask will bring you as many of the following data points as possible, or feel free to ask him to focus more on specific aspects:

• At least one of your magical or “true” names
• Your profile of magical elements and skills
• Suggestions for magical/spiritual practice or paths you may resonate with or be well-suited for
• The basic “contact info” for your spirit guide
• Your personal good signs (and any warning signs if they appear)
• Information about your ancestral history and bloodline magic
• Any generational curses, blockages, or personal bindings that may be on you
• Details about any specific ancestor spirits that are currently near you
• Any specific messages or signs from your ancestors
• “Big picture” themes about cause and effect or collective karma within your family
• One additional question or data point of your choice• In-depth information about your guide and/or other spirits near you
• Specific messages from spirits near you
• Details about gestures, tokens, or other practices you can use to draw your spirit(s) closer and better communicate
• Details of negative spirits preying on you (if there are any) and how to protect yourself against them
• 3-5 additional questions or data points of your choice!

We will mail you a copy of your (or the recipient’s) report printed on parchment paper to the address you provide, along with a personalized package of candles, stones, herbs, and other curios based on the findings/suggestions of the report. Please let us know if you would prefer not to receive animal products in your curated bundle.

When you order this service, we will be in touch within a few business days with any additional questions we have about your situation, and give you an estimate of when we’ll have your report finished and sent.

We do not pretend to be “psychics” who can read your mind or predict your future. We know only what you tell us, and what our divining tools and astral resources suggest. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our team members, methods, our beliefs, or anything else, so please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing if you have any curiosity or concern.

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61 reviews for Akashic Records Service & Personalized Kit – Astral Reading – Magical & Karmic History or Future

  1. Aun

    Lask always help me very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend this shop thank you every thing you do.

  2. Kei

    Great service and communication!! The quality you get is amazing and thank you for being so affordable! Worth every penny and then some! You'll get such detail with this reading and I believe anyone would benefit from having theirs done.

  3. wu Ming

    The first one who really able to read akashic record. Differ from other readers I have Lask and Spenser gave me a close feeling that I am willing to talk to make friends with. I have resonate with the songs they provide me. The most part is really accurate, including my guardian spirit, who’s a tiger like spirit, my cosmic perspective, etc. it’s really fun and think providing to read their write up.

  4. Gurash

    I was blown away by the reading! 🤯 Lask truly is a gift! I commend them for the sheer depth and detail they went into!! It was all accurate and resonated with me 💯!!! I was on the edge of my seat throughout!!! 🤭 Would highly recommend!!!! ✨✨

    P. S My sister got a reading done and hers was super accurate too!!💯👌🏼

  5. Stephanie

    The service was absolutely phenomenal and resonated with me greatly. Thank you!

  6. Violet Kim

    Truly one of the best akashic readings I've ever received. I implore others to totally get an akashic reading from them. I like taking back new things and practical advice from readings and this did it for me.

  7. Elliot

    So detailed and they were wonderful at answering the questions I had afterwards. Amazing service.

  8. Lotus

    Easily one of the best readings I have ever had done. Based on the quality of what I have received, the bar is set incredibly high for those who offer services in akashic record retrieval, pathfinding etc. They were able to accurately pick out specific and highly important pieces of information that I would've otherwise struggled to find. I barely scratched the surface when it came to the most important parts of who I am and the bloodlines I come from–and (in a good way) they plunged me deep into those sacred aspects of myself, so I could clearly see the truths I was looking for. I strongly reccomend this reading for those who are aspiring spirit workers especially.

  9. Monica Jones

    I can’t even begin to explain how incredible this service was for me. If you’re doing shadow work, I would highly recommend an Akashic reading. This brought so many things to light. The info that Lask is able to retrieve is not only substantial, but was so detailed and expansive. It instantly brought so much healing. Don’t question whether you should go for it or not. Just do it. It’s amazing ! Thank you Lask for sharing your gifts in this lifetime.

  10. Sarah Thomason

    The Akashic Records reading is amazing! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Lask provides an incredibly detailed reading that both rang true and offered helpful insight and guidance. Lask did give me the opportunity to ask specific questions, but it isn't necessary; a friend of mine got the same reading and received a similarly detailed report without asking any specific questions at all. If you're considering this reading, I'd suggest you go for it. Lask does not disappoint.

  11. Hayley

    I've struggled to find the words to review this reading, as I'm still blown away two weeks later after receiving it. It's absolutely phenomenal!! Lask really shed some light in regards to my situation with this reading and so SO much more! I'm eternally grateful for this. It's an absolute blessing that Lask and Spencer offer their talents to the public like this. They both are beacons of light along the paths we walk…at least in mine, they are. You will not regret getting this reading and if anything, it's going to open your eyes to a completely new chapter in your life. Don't be nervous! You have two beautiful souls here that will help point you in the right direction to get you started. I wish nothing but the best for these two gentlemen! ♥

  12. Rebecca

    I’m so glad I purchased this. Lask was a pleasure to work with, and the report I received from him was incredibly detailed and insightful. It helped me learn more about myself and see aspects of myself more clearly. I can’t recommend this reading enough, especially for anyone who has been feeling disconnected or lost as of late. It was such a profound experience, and I’m very thankful to have had it.

  13. Tia

    I am very grateful to Lask of the Grey Kindred Spirits team for this reading! For my reading, I chose to focus on getting to know more about my ancestors & I learned they are a chatty bunch. 🙂 There were specific relatives that I wanted to pass particular messages to & Lask did it perfectly. The messages my relatives sent back were
    genuine as it reflected their personalities, which I didn't disclose to Lask, prior to the reading.
    The reading also accurately described my personal traits & habits, which again weren't discussed prior to the reading either.
    My reading has brought me a lot of joy & happiness. The information shared was en pointe & Lask is amazing to work with. If you're interested in taking a deep dive into the Akashic Records, get this service!

  14. wu Ming

    Did akashic reading for other of my family members. Lask really is able to download these information from the library.

  15. Kei

    Bought this for a friend and he was able to confirm things he had been told by varying previous sources, some dating back decades ago. He definitely felt able to put more words to things. He thought this was such a good representation of himself that he really enjoyed Lask's reading abilities. So hearing he was pleased I then got this for another friend's birthday present! If you have friends who are open to hearing about themselves via their records then I highly suggest this! But only if they're in agreement of the timing.

  16. Esteria

    Incredible experience – Lask was able to provide so much confirmatory information and even details that other members of my family could verify after the reading. He was able to give me some much-needed guidance and nudges in the right direction. Gifted & look forward to working with him again in future readings.

  17. Cicily Ann Deplata

    Service was great from the beginning. From the warm welcome to transparency of workload. My reading itself was detailed and addressed facets of my background that I hadn't divulged. Areas I wanted more info on were highlighted and this reading left me with a huge sense of relief and direction. Will definitely pursue other services from practitioner.

  18. Monica Jones

    Once again Lask just blew my mind with how wonderful his gifts are. I bought this for my boyfriend after I had purchased mine. I definitely recommend. You get your money’s worth and so much more. Gives you insight on how to grow in this lifetime.

  19. Monica

    Absolutely amazing! The reading was so much more than what I expected. If you're looking for a place to start with understanding yourself on a deeper spiritual level I highly recommend this reading. Lask was so kind and answered all of my questions and followed up with me after. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  20. wu Ming

    Lask has been doing akashic readings for many of my friends, each of them are inspired and definitely get valuable information. Can’t recommend more!

  21. Destiny

    Thank you so so much! This was so detailed, you can tell the time and love put into this was immense! I felt an immediate sense of peace after reading <3

  22. Jenna

    Really amazed!! I was actually about to leave a 3 or 4 star review but somehow something stopped me. I pondered over the reading for quite a while, because I barely resonated with it and friends agreed it didn't sound anything like me at all.

    I was disappointed at first because all my other friends (also very into and experienced with the metaphysical) had gotten very accurate readings. I messaged Lask and even he said this is the first time someone is saying nothing much resonates….

    …until I brought this up to my mother. I read a few lines here and there from the reading and my mom actually said, "that was exactly you as a child." Then it hit me, she's right. I'd just changed so much so quickly I'd forgotten about my personality in childhood.

    I'd definitely, 100%, recommend this shop for an Akashic reading!

  23. Toni

    This service was amazing! Lask is very responsive and very talented. I am super pleased with the reading I received. The record is fully detailed and accurate. I highly recommend this if you want to know more about your magic, spirits, and history.

  24. Lisa

    I received very interesting and detailed information on why I'm here. It was surprising to find out, since I have no recollection. I also received number and colors as a sign that I'm on the right track and I started seeing these signs and synchronicity everywhere including a reiki session where the same colors showed up. The only thing missing was the spirit guide information, so now I'm curious if I have guides or maybe they're hiding.

  25. H

    The best, if not, one of the best Akashic readings ever without any doubt, with lots of detailed info that touches your core. It really helps to understand who you really are.

  26. zmic

    This reading was so amazing. It helped me learn a lot about myself and my guides. So informative and I could tell there was care and time taken in the write up of the reading.

  27. Stacey Lee

    Incredibly accurate. Really helped me validate/ work through some unclosed chapters and answer some questions I didn’t even know to ask. Exactly what I needed at the exact right time. Thank you!

  28. Tabitha Wilson


  29. Emma


  30. Guadalupe Gutierrez

    I received an Akashic reading from Lask a few months back but I didn’t leave a review because life got busy. I was really amazed by it. I have learned a lot about myself and my “shadow” self that I need to work on. I recommend this to anyone who really wants to take a deeper look into what makes you, You. It is worth every penny and Lask has a beautiful gift!

  31. Katherine Beneke


  32. Kaytea

    This was my first time both working with GreyKindredSpirits and getting an Akashic reading. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but my expectations were definitely exceeded and my reading was well worth the wait. Lask’s report from my records was so in depth and not only confirmed things that i already knew but really needed that confirmation on, but also gave me some new info. The outline of my magical elements was my favorite part! I’ve been able to come up with some next steps thanks to this reading. Thank you so much 🤍🤍

  33. Cassandra Spinks-Gilbert

    If you are debating on purchasing this, stop and purchase the full reading!! This is the most impactful and meaningful reading I have ever received. The communication, kindness and compassion surpassed all of my expectations! Lask is so amazing and was patient with my follow up questions. The amount and depth of information I received went beyond anything I could have imagined, I will cherish this information for the rest of my life. I would happily pay double or triple the price for this service, no exaggeration at all!! I cannot thank Lask enough!!💛💛💛

  34. wendy ellis

    Very informative and well worth the money.highly recommended.

  35. Halee Hedgpeth

    Very interesting and will buy again in future.

  36. Patricia Wall

    One of the best readings I got so far. Very clear and accurate to my situation. Thanks Lask once again for your great help! Take care

  37. Radok


  38. itsmeMaria

    Thank you Lask for the Akashic reading , this reading helped me so much and gave me so many insights to help me on my spiritual path ….. I would highly recommend this reading you will not be disappointed

  39. Teagan Leaños

    This reading was heartbreaking in the best way. I had a lot of loved ones who have passed away come through in the reading & I was sobbing. I highly recommend this it’s an amazing reading by an amazing team!

  40. Teagan Leaños

    This reading was insanely full of information I didn’t even know was obtainable! My ancestors had so many stories & words of encouragement. I couldn’t have asked for a better reading!

  41. Jax

    Truly phenomenal, the real deal

  42. Katrina Calvert


  43. Rong Zhang

    I love this! This is helpful :).

  44. Sophia B

    I am beyond words on how accurate, amazing and thoughtful Lask was with the “Akashi records reading.” I was very impressed with his attention to detail, thoughtfulness, kindness and professionalism. I am extremely grateful and I highly recommend “Grey Kindred Spirits.” They take their job seriously! You won’t regret it.

  45. Bethany Tracy

    This reading was very helpful and informative. It actually guided me to do some deep, bloodline related healing. Something I wasn't aware I was caring until my reading. Thank you so much Lask. It is always beautiful to meet with your true self/nature, and Lask does a great job at guiding this.

  46. Shaylee

    This reading was pretty spot on, very thorough, and well worth the wait! Thank you so much!

  47. Malinda

    This reading was AMAZING. I have reread it numerous times, and each time its as though another layer has been revealed. It is so detailed and in depth, I am truly blown away. You are able to pick up on things that few people know. Thank you Lask, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  48. nevarlwo

    I was wowed. Detailed and lovely conversationalist. Will use again. Highly recommended.

  49. JunWei Chew

    The reading exceeded my expectations, the things that Lask brought up was on point and very true to how I’ve been feeling.
    Through this reading I’m able to understand where and what I should work on. This has been an eye opening reading for me, knowing parts about my ancestral family and what I’ve inherited from them.
    Definitely 100% recommend anyone who is still thinking on getting this to go for it!

  50. Nynnny

    Fantastic and enlightening! The one reading everyone should get!

  51. Noel

    Wonderful! The report was thoughtfully laid out, and I thought there was plenty of information and insight.

  52. Arlene Soto

    Lask was very thorough and provided insightful information for me to explore. The communication was straight forward. He communicated when would I expect my reading to be available and he was always very responsive. Highly recommended.

  53. Kristen Steele

    This reading left me speechless. The very first paragraph had me feeling so witnessed it left me in tears, and even months later I return to read it over and over again, to peel apart the impossibly nuanced layers. This was a deep confirmation of who I know myself to be, and the path I’ve been dreaming of, and gave me so much more than I could’ve asked to ponder and research and implement into practice to help me on my way. Furthermore, it connected me to the presence of my grandfather, who died well before I was even a thought. I was shaken when my grandma confirmed details about him that even the rest of my family were ignorant to.
    Lask is gifted, and was warm and clear to work with. I’m forever grateful for their energy in this reading, and wish everyone I love would request their own.

  54. Dreamer

    I have never been more excited to write a review in my life. From the other reviews left here I already had high hopes for this reading, but the amount of accuracy and depth that I actually received surpassed expectations. Every time I re-read it I gain a deeper knowledge of self.

    There were confirmations/explanations of things I only had vague intuitions of, new insights and avenues to explore in life, and a strong sense of truth in the words I received. (Not to mention an unexpected message from a dear one who passed a bit over three months ago.)

    I feel an immense gratitude for Lask and the rest of the GreyKindredSpirits team. Come into this with an open heart and mind and you will be just as glad you did.


  55. Ann Nguyen


  56. Lisa Kastner

    I had chills (in a good way) when I read my report. It was amazing and I so grateful that I made the decision to purchase this reading.

  57. Sarah

    Thats incredible you are amazing you blow my mind you are incredible ❤

  58. Daniela

    Unbelievable Reading ❤🙏. I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart ❣

  59. Ariana Reuben Yechiel


  60. Nadya Voynovskaya

    Wonderful reading! I got the full report and I highly recommend it. I learned so much about myself and my ancestors. There were many insights, practical and magical advice and encouraging revelations. Thank you so much!

  61. Sara Laska

    Life-changing experience to read a report about you and feel like this is alk true and connecting all the dots. It's been sometime since I have recieved my report and I have to say it was very helpful. My connection to my true self, higher self is definitely better. I trust myself more after that- after all I was feeling – for example "connection with universe" is not my imagination. It is worth waiting. I also recieved a long detailed answer for my questions after reading.

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