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Wild Spirit

Our services are growing! Find out all the ways we can help you live your most authentic spiritual life.

We want to help you feel more in touch with the Light, and better actualize your potential. In service of this mission, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of products and services, all of which are based on our combined decades of practice, experience, and insight. Whether you are looking for ritual supplies and premade kits to use in your own magical practice, wanting us to work a ritual on your behalf, or anywhere in between, our team can help. We are located in the Appalachians of West Virginia, but will be pleased to serve you remotely wherever you may be.

Higlighted Services


Divination can give us information on cause and effect for a particular event or situation, and what we need to understand and solve our own challenges.

Spells & Charms

Ritual is powerful, and magical practice can help with personal growth, prosperity, coping with anxiety, depression, and other mental/emotional challenges, cleansing, shielding & energy protection, navigating difficult interpersonal issues, and much more.

Magical Supplies

We sell all sorts of supplies to help you in your own magical practice, and are always happy to provide educational materials to go with them.

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