A paper ward for safe travel & homecoming

Wards can be created and charged for a number of purposes, but their primary function is to act as a shield or filter. Wards keep negative energy and entities out one’s home, office, car, or other location, and can also be designed to nurture the positive energy and entities invited within. Each one has a “flavor” or emphasis that is custom made to fit its purpose, and this is often reflected in its appearance. Wards can be made from a variety of materials, take many forms, and can even be created with your energy and attention alone.

You can tuck wards almost anywhere–under your bed or pillow, inside your car, under your desk, into your wallet or purse. You can also hang or otherwise display wards. One very beneficial place to put wards is at thresholds such as doors into your house or to a specific room you wish to protect and support.

Wards can be temporary or permanent, but it is generally best to refresh wards regularly. You can either replace them with new wards or recharge the existing ones. Consider putting up specific wards for events, holidays, visitors, life transitions, and other changes to your daily routine that could allow unusual influences to enter your space.

You can make your own wards using your own intuition and whatever materials appeal to you. Experiment and see what works for you!

Making Wards

To create a ward, visualize a field of light and positive energy around yourself and the area you wish to protect. Focus on casting out negative energies and entities, and creating an environment of peace and safety. Meditation, prayer, ringing bells, or singing are all good ways to focus your energy on warding. You may choose to release your concentrated energy with a spoken word or mantra, with a hand gesture or other ritual sign.

Try these simple ways to make your own ward:

To ward a door, try slowly moving your hand over the threshold with the words, “Only Light may enter here.” You may choose to sprinkle a line of salt along the threshold as well.

Fold and cut paper into a shape that represents your intention. You can paint or write on the prepared shape, dress it with oil or herbs of your choice, seal it with wax, or charge it in the sunlight or by moving it slowly over a candle flame. For best results, tuck or hang the finished paper in the area it is meant to protect, or carry it folded on your person.

Charge an amethyst in the sunlight for three days, then keep it in your pillowcase to prevent bad dreams and promote sound sleep.

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