Sigils are a simple but powerful form of magic that can be used alone or combined with other spell workings. They are composed of symbols that represent their intent and purpose. Sigils typically go through the steps of creation, charging, and activation. Each step can be either simple or more complex, with many options for completing them.

One simple way to make and use your own sigil:

1) Clearly state your intention in a short, positive phrase or sentence.

2) Cross out repeating letters.

3) Use the remaining letters to create a symbol. Your lines can be straight, curved, or a combination, and the letters do not have to remain identifiable. Continue working until it feels right to you. Remain in a relaxed state and do not dwell on your intention. Allow your understanding of symbol to become more abstract while keeping your energy focused on it.

4) When you are happy with your symbol, draw a final copy to work from. Destroy your drafts and original phrase by tearing or burning.

5) Charge your sigil. The charging can take the form of meditation, putting it on your altar or in sun or moonlight, setting a candle or crystal/stone on it, or whatever else feels right to imbue it with energy.

6) Activate your sigil. Use the method that feels right for what you are trying to accomplish. Sigils can be destroyed via burning, tearing, or burying. They can also be kept, either hidden on your person or in your house or displayed on your altar, in a frame, or shared on social media.

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