Mirror Scrying Safety

Mirror scrying is one of the most widely known scrying methods, but we would caution you that working with a mirror is NOT easy or to be undertaken lightly. Mirror scrying can be a useful meditative and divinatory technique, and should you choose to practice with it, consider taking the following measures:

Do not stare directly into the mirror or at your own reflection. This is scientifically proven to mess with your brain (source) and you run the risk of hallucinations, anxiety attacks, or temporary breaks from reality. These experiences are stressful, not good for your body, and will not gain you useful magical insights. Instead, lay the mirror on a flat surface, and place a candle, crystal ball, or other bright or reflective object above it. Scry by gazing at the reflections of candle(s) or refracted light on the mirror’s surface. Let your eyes unfocus and move over the mirror’s surface. Try to avoid focusing on a single point within the mirror for long periods of time.

Always ward the space you intend to scry in. Consider saging the area, or using a specialty spray for this purpose, and invoke any spiritual entities you trust to protect you. If you scry regularly, try creating a paper ward to keep under/behind your mirror.

-If you have never scryed before, practice with a regular mirror first before attempting to work with a black mirror.

When your scrying mirror is not in use, cover it with a cloth, or place enough other objects on its surface so you cannot easily see your reflection within it. Treat your mirror like a door– it is important to keep it shut and locked when you are not travelling through it, and to keep unwelcome energy/entities from latching onto it.

Look away from the mirror as often as you need to. Only gaze for as long as it feels comfortable and you feel mentally secure. If you don’t see anything, don’t get frustrated with yourself; continue practicing as you feel able. Even experienced scryers do not see things every time. If you get freaked out, take a break, or try again later. There is nothing “on the other side” that won’t be there for you to find later, and nothing so important it is worth your health and sanity. Trust that all things will be revealed to you at the proper time, and allow yourself to receive information as it comes, without pushing yourself for it.

Set a timer for ~15 minutes longer than you think you want to scry. This will help you track time and call you back to “now” if you sink too far into a trance state.

Have a spotter, even if it is an online friend. Tell someone else that you intend to scry, and ask them to check on you at a specific time if they have not heard from you. Scrying can and will distort your perception of time, so it is important to have help tracking it, if only for practical reasons like dehydration and hunger.

Consider having paper and a pen nearby or in your hand, so you can jot down insights or engage in automatic writing while you scry; this reduces the stress on your brain to remember everything, so you can be more focused on what you see at the time.

Have salt handy in the event you feel like you have attracted the attention of a negative entity. To break the gaze of an entity, turn your back to the mirror, and throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder onto the mirror’s surface.

Set out a “care package” for yourself before you begin. Provide yourself fresh water, a pleasant snack, and a comfort item (such as a stuffed animal, pillow, lucky charm, partner’s hoodie, etc.) so you can ground yourself when you come up from scrying. Allow yourself at least 5-10 minutes to sip water, eat a bit, and reorient yourself to the physical world. Your brain will thank you when you leave your scrying area.

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