Scrying is an intuitive divination practice that can take many forms. A powerful tool for personal reflection and insight, it allows us to catch glimpses of hidden influences, gives us things to consider, and can show possible outcomes. You can experiment to find out what form you are most attuned to.

Here are three simple forms to try:

Firegazing: Gaze into any fire, indoors or out. Even a small candle will do. Watch the flames move and dance, and interpret the energy and shapes according to your intuition.

Wax Reading: Prepare a small bowl of very cold water and light a candle. Slowly drip small amounts of wax into the bowl, then drain the bowl and examine the shapes.

Water Scrying: Use any natural or manmade body of water, or fill a black or very dark opaque bowl with water. Light a candle nearby, gaze at the water, and see what shadows and reflections may take shape. You may wish to put a silver coin at the bottom of the bowl for an additionally reflective focus object.

While scrying, focus on your tools but relax as much as possible. Allow the flickering light, shadow, and shapes to communicate to you. Your intuition may form stories or ideas out of what you see, and these can help give you insight into your own mind and the influences acting on it. Scrying can be used as part of your preparation for any magical working, or to get insight into a problem or question. It’s okay if you don’t receive any insights or messages, but if you do, respect them, and incorporate them into your perspectives and spells as you see fit.

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