Ritual Bathing/Cleansing

Many magical traditions encourage the practitioner to engage in some kind of ritual bath or cleansing before starting on a spell or working. While this isn’t always necessary, it can be an excellent tool for reflection and grounding, allowing you to relax, focus, set your intentions for your magic, and refresh yourself both inside and out.

You can put anything you like into your ritual bath–use your intuition and experiment with different salts, oils, herbs, flowers, soaps, and soaks. If you are using our bath soaks, stir the scented salts in while filling your tub, in whatever quantity feels right to you. Consider lighting candles or incense, or using a scented room spray on a fresh towel to enhance your experience. While you are bathing, meditate or focus positive intentions on the magic you are about to do, and visualize negative energy and distractions being washed away.

If you are taking a pre-ritual shower instead, or just want to cleanse your hands and/or face before starting, or wish to prepare a ritual space or tool, our bath soaks can still help. Dissolve some of the salt into a small amount of water in an appropriate container and use it to pour, splash, or dip as needed while focusing and cleansing yourself and your tools.

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