Purifying Spaces

It can be beneficial to cleanse or purify spaces as part of a magical practice. This can be done at any time, but is particularly useful when the space feels as though it has built up negative energy, when you are going through a life transition, or when preparing for bigger magical workings.

A popular practice is to burn bundles of herbs to produce smoke that is used to spiritually cleanse a space. Light the bundle, then gently fan it using paper, a feather, or your breath.

For those who prefer not to create smoke in their homes or apartments, room sprays are available that can serve the same purpose. Whatever you choose, walk around slowly and with purpose, focusing on replacing negative energy with positive energy, distributing smoke or spray as you do. You can also sweep/vacuum or tidy your space with focused intention to prepare and spiritually cleanse it.

Never leave anything burning unattended, and take care around children and pets. Avoid anything that produces smoke if you keep birds in your home, and be careful not to inhale too much yourself!

Using Grey Kindred Spirits room sprays? We offer discounted refills if you reuse your bottle! Contact us for details. Spot test sprays first if you wish to use them on objects.

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