What is magic? Others may call it magick, witchcraft, or folk practice–these are complex, heavy words and can have very personal connotations and meanings. We define magic as an everyday way of looking at the world that is different from both science and religion, although it can be central to the lives of people who deeply value one or both of those.

The purpose of magic is generally to change our circumstances or empower our personal and spiritual growth, but this can only be done from the inside out. We use magic as an active choice to change ourselves and our perspectives, so that we can move in the world the way we wish to. We are all part of one interconnected causal web, and our intentions and energy can be directed in so many ways. Magic serves as a form of ritualized prayer or meditation and can be a grounding, calming, and empowering attitude to incorporate into our daily lives.

Remember, magic is a “practice,” which means those who use it will always be growing, learning, and experimenting. We are delighted to share our practice with you! Our primary desire is to be closer to love and Light, and to help others on their own path to the wonder and contentment the universe offers us.

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