Intention Stones

Stones can be blessed and charged to help protect you from negative energy and entities. Any stone can be magical, so if one speaks to you, use it! Certain types of stones and crystals are more suitable than others, depending on your purpose. To attune a stone to you, light a candle, and spend a few minutes holding the stone in your hand. You can meditate, pray, or scry while you get to know your new stone. Focus on telling the stone what you need its help with, and make yourself open to receiving its energy. When you feel acquainted with it consider placing it in a spell bag with herbs, flower petals, and curios to further personalize your stone and boost its intention.

Keep the energy of the stone strong by caring for it in the following ways:

  • Store the stone in its spell bag whenever you are not holding it or carrying it on your person. The spell bag can be left on your altar or in the sunlight to charge.
  • Place a few drops of ritual oil on the stone as often as you like.
  • Brush the stone clean with a feather a few times a week or daily. Visualize dusting dark negative energy from its surface as you do, and be sure to dust your stone outside or near an exit, so as to not trap negative “dust” in your space.
  • Prepare a small dish of water with your choice of herbs, flower petals, and oils. Gently drop the stone into the cleansing mixture, and place it in direct sunlight for several hours or a full day. We recommend soaking your stone at least once monthly.

Try these simple methods to enhance specific intentions:

Protection: Charge the stone in the light of the full moon to give it a boost against bad dreams and other nighttime darkness.

Empath Shielding: Place the cleansing bowl to charge in an area where other people pass through so it can build its “immunity” while the stone soaks.

Forgiveness & Letting Go: Hold the spell bag behind you, and dropping the stone in behind your back, as an intentional of symbol of placing energy behind you.

Courage: Charge the stone in dawn light for an added boost of strength to face and overcome difficult circumstances.

Vitality & Motivation: Place the stone nearby while you work or exercise to absorb your productivity and keep it going.

Healing, Recovery, and/or Addiction Management: Wash the stone as part of your morning routine to help it harness the cleansing potential of each day.

Clarity & Self-Awareness: Place the stone nearby whenever you are getting dressed or using a mirror, to help you see yourself honestly and compassionately.

Love & Attraction: Press the stone and the spell bag to your chest each time you pick it up, as an intentional symbol of inviting love into your heart.

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