Incense is a popular element of many magical and contemplative practices, and can lend another layer of intention and experience to your spells and workings.

Choose an incense that feels right to you for your spell. You can allow your intuition to guide you based on scent, ingredients, colors, names, or anything else that speaks to you. Incense can be burned for ritual effect during bathing, purifying spaces, scrying, and all phases of spell working.

Incense comes in a number of forms, such as sticks, cones, and loose incense. Make sure you are using a safe, heat-dissipating holder, especially for loose incense. Loose incense can be burned in a firepit or fireplace, rolled onto the sides of an oil-dressed candle, or burned on self-lighting charcoal disks.

Never leave anything burning unattended, and take care around children and pets. Avoid anything that produces smoke if you keep birds in your home, and be careful not to inhale too much yourself!

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