Candle Work

Candles can be powerful tools for magic. They can be used on their own for simple spells, or as part of larger workings, and included on your personal altar. The act of lighting a candle with focused intention is a form of magic, but there are steps you can take to intensify the impact of your candle working.

You can hone your intentions into a short word, phrase, or design and use a pin to engrave it into the wax of the candle, or write or draw your intention on a small piece of paper and place it beneath your candle holder. When you’re ready, hold your candle in your hand while focusing on the outcome you are working towards. Dress the candle with a bit of oil or water, and optionally roll the oiled candle in crushed herbs or incense. Choose oils and incense that feel right for your intentions. Then, place the candle into a level, stable holder and light it.

Pay attention to the candle as it burns, and watch any spilling wax for shapes or patterns. Flame and wax scrying is deeply intuitive and personal. Listen to what it seems the candle wants to tell you.

Let small candles burn out completely to finish a working, or gently snuff larger candles and relight them later. Never leave candles burning unattended or where children or pets can disrupt them.

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