Altars & Tools

The act of ritual is powerful, and magical practice can help us in many ways. Your personal altar and your magical tools, such as crystals, wands, and tarot decks are important central focuses for your work.

Many traditions have suggestions for altars and tools, but your intuition will always be your best guide. To prepare your personal altar, choose a location in your home and place objects on the altar that appeal to you, and are relevant to your personal magical practice. Your altar will change and evolve with time and the seasons, and can be rearranged or added to for special magical events or workings. If your family also practices, consider a family altar you can all share and contribute to, as well as personal altars as space allows. Consider adding scented water, fresh flowers, or live plants that you can refresh and tend to regularly.

Altars can also be temporary. They can be set up outside or while you are traveling, and are sometimes packed away after working at home if space or privacy is a concern.

Preparing ritual tools can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You could cleanse the item with water, oil, and/or salt, could leave it in the sun or moonlight to charge, could pray or meditate over it to imbue it with your intention. Almost anything can be a ritual tool, so don’t limit yourself, and use your creativity!

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