We are still in our early stages of growth, and all campsites are currently primitive/without electric, water, or sewer, but you’re welcome to use our household facilities and common areas during your stay if you wish to shower, cool off/warm up, or use an indoor restroom. You can also use our add-on options to have water, food, and portable batteries to charge your electronics delivered to your campsite.

Primitive campsites can be setup in custom places around the property upon your request for $40/night, or you can choose from several reliable locations:

Homestay Hill East – $20/night

Camp just over the ridge from the main house in a secluded nook on the east face of our mountain. You can park your vehicle in one of two convenient locations for a short walk to the campsite. This site has ready access to the main house, while enjoying full privacy and the feeling of being immersed in the woods. The setting allows great views of the sunrise, and occasional fog from the creek below. Adjoining trails are very low-traffic, and provide an easy scenic walk along the upper curve of our house mountain, or a short walk down to the spring where our house well-water originates.

Rattlesnake Knob East – $20/night

Park your vehicle in one of two locations near the campsite for minimal hiking required! This site offers a comfortable location with a scenic view of the valley, and an easy 5 minute walk up to the top of the mountain to take in the view any time of day. The site is secluded and not easily viewed from adjoining trails, though on rare occasions you may hear light ATV traffic during the day from local residents passing through or workers checking on gas wells. The main house is just on the next hill, within walking distance or easily accessible by vehicle. 

Heartsvale North Slope – $20/night

Enjoy full seclusion in the forest, while staying within comfortable walking distance of the private road, making camp setup or trips to the main house easy to navigate! This site area provides plenty of space for larger groups, and stunning views of the valley, sunrises, sunsets, and occasional fog. Adjoining trails allow for a variety of hiking options into the valley or up to Rattlesnake Knob and nearby ridges.

Little Sister’s Hideaway – $25/night

This site is off one of the longer trails, and allows for total seclusion and immersion in nature. The hike in offers lovely ridge views, and is generally passable in all weather, although we recommend using caution during and just after precipitation, as the trails do get slippery and muddy. We recommend being prepared to pack light, dig in and camp primitively here or time your use of house facilities strategically, as this site is farthest from the main house and in-road. 


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