Who are you people?
We (Lask and Spencer) are both “elder millennials” who have 20 years of professional experience.  We are a married a LGBTQ couple who own our own property, and operate a legally registered business in the state of West Virginia. We are not affiliated with any religion, church, political party, or other human establishment. Our spiritual practices are largely inclusive, and we value compassion and stewardship as core principles of our business and spiritual practice.

How can I trust that you? (Will you murder/abuse/lie to/overcharge/bamboozle me?)  
We will always do our best to treat our clients and guests well, and keep them safe, hopefully leaving our care in better condition than they came! We are real people, who operate a legally registered business under our real names from our own property. (You can google and background check us as much as you like– we’re real people, doing our best!) You are welcome to refer to your own sources and references, or ask us about our personal backgrounds. We do our best to live our practice, and keep our homestead and business as an extension of our values. Feel free to get in touch with any questions about our location, facilities, services, practices, safety protocols, or anything else!
—–> But that’s exactly what a murderer would say!
Yes, well. At some point all spiritual journeys and friendships involve an act of faith or trust! You’ve made it this far, haven’t you? Have an adventure! Live to tell the tale.

What is your ethical approach to your work? Do you do black magic or white magic? Light or dark?

One of our primary concerns is extending compassion and a lack of judgment to those around us, so you won’t often find us making blanket statements about “good” or “bad” magic. We don’t personally understand magic to have inherent “white” or “black” or “light” or “dark” qualities, and have generally observed these labels to come from dogmatic traditions or cultural misunderstandings. We believe magic is simply the result of one’s personal will/intentions, and like anything else, can be done for benevolent or malicious reasons depending on the individual! When we do work for clients, we set the intentions of the spell work to send positive energy designed to heal, gently wear through negative resistance, and promote manifestation of the client’s wish. We do not do work aimed at deliberately causing harm, suffering, or coercion of others. We require someone’s consent and participation before we do work that is intended to affect change in their lives. All of that said, we are happy to direct general positive/healing/protective energy at third parties, similar to praying for someone else, so if you come to us asking for healing energy for a friend going through hard times, we want to help!

Are you hereditary witches/magicians? Do you have training in a particular lineage or tradition?

We do believe that certain predilections toward/gifts for magic can be inherited or passed down in families, but we do not call ourselves hereditary witches. Partly this is due to the tendency some people have to use such terms for posturing or claiming “extra” authority– we feel that magic, divination, and witchcraft are accessible to anyone who feels called and chooses to practice. Partly this is out of respect for our families-of-origin, who in more recent generations have been and remain dedicated Christians, definitely not “witches” or magical practitioners. (Although we will gladly discuss our older pre-Christian ancestors and their regional practices if asked!) And partly this is because we have no hard “proof” or documentation of a more ancient lineage of witchcraft or folk wisdom, just our own personal feeling of connection to such practices, and circumstantial evidence of certain personal ancestors.

We do not claim “training” in a particular lineage or tradition We have had many teachers (both human and not) and experience with many practices and methods over our lives. We are intuitive and “eclectic” practitioners. Spencer has trained in zen meditation practice, and would be glad to discuss the details if you are interested.

Is your magic part of your religion? Are you Wiccan? Pagan?

We aren’t Wiccan or neopagan, but you could consider us “pagan” in the sense that we do not follow an Abrahamic religion, though we were each raised in Christian churches (with mixed experiences!). We share a generally panpsychist, pantheistic/panentheistic, and animist viewpoints of life and the universe. We are quite happy to chat about our beliefs if asked, and very respectful and curious about the beliefs of others. We enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds, and tailoring rituals to include their specific god(s), ancestors, or other beliefs. We are also quite equal-opportunity when it comes to ritual, and enjoy participating in everything from pagan holidays to Zen meditation to church services.

Magic is part of our everyday life, as are our spiritual beliefs. We firmly believe that ritual practice of all sorts, including magic and divination, can coexist peacefully and positively in the lives of people of any religion, or no religion at all. As for us personally, our family practices our own path, which is blend of numerous spiritual practices, prominently featuring the Tree of Life, the Well of Memory, the Sacred Heart, and the Universal Light.

Are you LGTBQ+ friendly? Polyamory, kink, or other alternative lifestyles friendly? Just generally friendly?

We are, yes. Definitely. 🙂

I think you are crazy/dangerous/sinful/sad/disturbed/pretending/need serious help.

Ok. Everyone is on their own path, and it’s ok if this one isn’t for you. It is a big world, and an even bigger universe. We’re sure you’ll find someone/somewhere else more in line with your personal experiences!

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