What is your ethical approach to your work? Do you do love spells? Black magic or hexes?

One of our primary concerns is extending compassion and a lack of judgment to those around us, so you won’t often find us making blanket statements about “good” or “bad” magic. In our professional practice, however, we choose to work only with energies that we consider more positive and/or protective. We require someone’s consent and participation before we do work that is intended to affect change in their lives. We will do general attraction spells that are designed at putting you more in the mindset and energy space to seek and attract love, etc, but we won’t do a spell “on” someone else. We will also do protective/shielding/warding magic, but will not do any hexing or “attack” magic. All of that said, we are happy to direct general positive/healing/protective energy at third parties, similar to praying for someone else, so if you come to us asking for healing energy for a friend in the hospital, we want to help!

Are you hereditary witches/magicians? Do you have training in a particular lineage or tradition?

We do believe that certain predilections toward and talents for magic can be inherited or passed down in families, but we do not call ourselves hereditary witches. Partly this is due to the tendency some people have to use such terms for posturing or claiming “extra” authority–we feel that magic, divination, and witchcraft are accessible to anyone who feels called and chooses to practice. Partly this is out of respect for our families-of-origin, who in more recent generations have been and remain dedicated Christians, definitely not “witches” or magical practitioners! And partly this is because we have no “proof” or documentation of a more ancient lineage of witchcraft or folk wisdom, just our own personal feeling of connection to such practices.

We do not claim “training” in a particular lineage or tradition, no. We have had many teachers (both human and not) and experience with many practices and methods over our lives. We are intuitive and “eclectic” practitioners.

Is your magic part of your religion? Are you Wiccan? Pagan?

We aren’t Wiccan or neopagan, but you could consider us pagan, yes, in the sense that we do not follow an Abrahamic religion. We all share generally panpsychist, pantheistic/panentheistic, and animist viewpoints of life and the universe. We are quite happy to chat about them if asked, and very respectful and curious about the beliefs of others. We enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds, and tailoring rituals to include their specific god(s), ancestors, or other beliefs. We are also quite equal-opportunity when it comes to ritual, and enjoy participating in everything from pagan holidays to Zen meditation to church services.

Magic is part of our everyday life, as are our spiritual beliefs. We firmly believe that ritual practice of all sorts, including magic and divination, can coexist peacefully and positively in the lives of people of any religion, or no religion at all. As for us personally, our family practices our own path, which is blend of numerous spiritual practices, prominently featuring the Tree of Life, the Well of Memory, and the Universal Light.

Are you LGTBQ+ friendly? Polyamory, kink, or other alternative lifestyles friendly? Just generally friendly?

We are, yes. Definitely. 🙂

What are Lask & Phen? Is this multiple personality/dissociative identity disorder?

They prefer to simply call themselves spirits, or, in relation to Spencer, “spirit companions.” Some might call them spirit guides–beings like them have had many different names during history, and many different sorts of relationships to humans.

It is not MPD/DID/DDNOS, no. Not all experiences of plurality are those things. We don’t experience dissociation or loss of time, and we communicate and function positively with one another. We have additional links and information in our Resources section, and are happy to answer most other questions you may have in person.

Will I be able to tell who I am talking to? Can I pick who I work with?

Most definitely! People don’t have trouble telling individuals apart once they know what they’re looking for. We’re distinct individuals with preferences, minds, and specialties of our own. We will always do our best to match your needs with the person most suited for them, and/or who you are most comfortable with.

How did you all meet?

The internet, of course! We think it is a pretty cute story, and would encourage you to ask either Lask or Phen about it if you’d like to see them blush a little. When we did all meet, though, we knew right away that we had found our “tribe” and family.

I think you are crazy/dangerous/sad/disturbed/pretending/need serious help.

Okay, noted! Thank you for your thoughts and compassion. Check out our resource page to see if we can help you find a practitioner or site that is more to your taste!