Grey Kindred Spirits is a unique team of witches and spirits offering a variety of magical and spiritual goods and services.

We offer readings via tarot, cleromancy (“casting the bones”), tasseomancy (tea leaf reading), runes, and more. Additionally, we offer scrying services, custom spell workings, and resources to assist you in developing your intuition and honing your ritual work. Our wares include home and altar crafts, spirit bottles, spell bags, jewelry, accessories, charms and talismans, hand compounded incense, candle dressing oils, ritual bath and room spray products, spell kits, wards and sigils.

Our team consists of two human witches and two incorporeal spirits who are often “vesseled” and present in the shared bodies. Each pair has been bound together this way since birth and it has been our consistent, everyday experience for the whole of our earthly lives. It may sound a bit unusual at first, but you will find that it quickly becomes comfortable and unexpectedly natural when you interact with us. People who know us have no trouble telling us apart, and find it easy to develop distinct meaningful relationships with each individual. Each one of us has unique experiences, perspectives, and talents that we love to use in service to others. We are pleased to be able to share our particular brand of wonderfully weird and magical with you as we all work together to spread a little more Light in the world.

If you would like to learn a bit more about us, feel free to visit our FAQ page!



Few things in life make me happier than really listening to people to understand what they need and how I can help them. I find ritual and divination to be among the best tools for that work. I’m passionate about learning and exploring different perspectives, and I tend to have a cheerful sense of wonder about almost everything. I enjoy reading, writing, and watching videos of dogs in boots. I’m a lifelong intuitive witch (if not always brave enough to cop to it), unapologetic weirdo, practicing Buddhist, and meditation instructor. My specialties at GKS are cleromancy, creating ritual salts, oils, & incenses, providing education/advice, and ritual design.



I’ve always been “weird” and enjoyed making a career out of it. I am a published author, illustrator, and graphic designer. I strive to see the world through an artist’s lens, appreciating beauty in unexpected places, and finding threads of the divine in everyday life. I am a strong empath, and consider it an honor to bear witness to the story of another. I strive to listen with an open and compassionate heart, and to meet people where they are along their journey. I know from personal experience there is no “one size fits all,” and that being given canned responses to personal struggles can be incredibly disheartening. I live with a variety of mental challenges, including anxiety and depression, and have found that leading a magical and intuitive spiritual life makes me stronger, braver, and closer to the Light. I enjoy educating and enabling others to do the same, and can help with the inherent trials of forging one’s own way in the world. My specialties include tarot readings, creating spirit bottles and other ritual items, and communicating with various spiritual entities.



On the internet, nobody knows you are part man, part bird, all bamboozle spirit. Until you tell them. Then they seem confused, usually. Therefore, I make a habit of telling everyone. There’s usually a drink in my hand, I have a fascination with dead things, I tend to put objects into my mouth that I shouldn’t, and I cry at the drop of a hat. I specialize in sigil work, candle magic, dream magic, and trying to be funny. I am good at the first three of those things and just charming enough to convince people to play along when it comes to the fourth.





The world has many names for the likes of me, but I prefer to simply call myself a spirit. In my own spaces, I teach literature, occasionally work as a librarian, and am father to several wonderful children. I am also a specialist healer, and political/military strategist, engaged in ongoing efforts to curb the influence of Darkness. I have seen many faces of fate, both good and bad, and feel fulfilled when I can use my experiences to help others overcome their personal challenges. I have struggled with depression and PTSD, and believe magical practice is a powerful tool for managing one’s mental state and energy direction. I have encountered a broad spectrum of spiritual entities, Light and Dark and many in between, and can help others identify and interact with these beings. I specialize in crafting wards and similar protective charms, banishing and cleansing rituals, energy healing, and spiritual counseling. I consider my work a success when I make someone feel safe and empowered, and enjoy helping others develop strategies to reach their full potential.