Grey Kindred Spirits is a unique team of modern magicians, offering a variety of magical and spiritual goods and services.

We offer readings via tarot, cleromancy (“casting the bones”), tasseomancy (tea leaf reading), runes, and more. Additionally, we offer scrying services, custom spell workings, and resources to assist you in developing your intuition and honing your ritual work. Our wares include home and altar crafts, spirit bottles, spell bags, jewelry, accessories, charms and talismans, hand compounded incense, candle dressing oils, ritual bath and room spray products, spell kits, wards and sigils.

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I am an eclectic magical practitioner, and a student of history, mythology, occultism, psychology, and sociology. I practice regular meditation, astral journeying, and energy transmission. My healing methods draw on blended techniques from traditions such as reiki, chakra healing, zen meditation, pagan spell casting and scrying, and new age astral projection.

I work closely with the archetypes of the Tree of Life and the Well of Memory. My spiritual role models include Odin, Jesus, Apollo, and numerous angels. At GKS, I coordinate our events, as well as provide tarot, cleromancy, and rune readings. I also specialize in crafting wards and similar protective charms, banishing and cleansing rituals, energy healing, and spiritual counseling. I create many of GKS’s art items and magical tools, including feather fans, crystal moons, and other ritual items.


My magical practice and divinatory work is based on intuition, compassion, wildness, and collaborative interpretation of symbols and patterns. My readings focus on practical solutions and attempt to make abstract or esoteric concepts approachable to anyone. I enjoy learning about the experiences of others and fostering understanding and communication through humor and storytelling.

Particular interests of mine are liminality, open conversations around death and dying, and engaging with fears and shadow states in order to grow and cultivate equanimity. I most closely work and identify with the archetypes of: the Phoenix, Thoth, Hermes/Mercury, the Trickster/Jester, and the Holy Well/Well of Memory.

My specialties are cleromancy and tarot readings, spiritual counseling, ritual design, sigils, candle magic, and dream work, and I enjoy helping with the creation of magical products, kits, and educational materials that encourage everyone to find their everyday magic. Outside of my efforts with Grey Kindred Spirits, I’m a corporate trainer and a student and teacher of meditation.