Ringing in the New Year with Intention

The turn of the year is an ideal time to reorient to one’s goals, renew spiritual commitments, or set a new direction in one’s earthly life. There are lots of ways to magically harness the energy of new year! Here are a few of our favorite rituals and blessings:

Take some time to think about what you have learned in the past year(s). These might be positive lessons or difficult/hard-learned truths– acknowledge and accept all forms of insight that have come to you. Think about what you want to focus on learning in the new year, or how you want to integrate what you’ve learned from the past year. Depending on your situation, you may want to do corresponding candle work or meditation for healing, protection, or manifesting new goals.

Think about where you will be, and what you’ll be doing at midnight in your local time. Will you be awake or sleeping? You can intentionally “keep your eyes open” as the new year arrives, or be resting and drawing in strength so you can greet the new year feeling refreshed. Whatever you do, do it intentionally! Is there something you’d like to do right at midnight? Things like playing a specific song, holding a crystal in your hand, saying a prayer to a deity or guide, lighting a candle, ringing a bell, making an offering, etc. are all good ways to celebrate the moment.

Use your household door as a “portal” to the future. Go out of the door with the intention to leave any burdens, blockages, negative energy, etc. outside the home. Close the door behind you, and stand outside for at least a few seconds. Try intentionally exhaling while you are standing outside, intending to release fear, heartache, or whatever has been weighing you down. You might want to burn incense, scatter herbs, pour out a drink, say a few words, or leave a small talisman outside as a way of intentionally letting go or passing things into the universe’s hands. Then, return through the door again with the intention of walking back into a “new world,” resetting the energy in yourself and your home, and starting over fresh. Do something pleasant as soon as you get back inside as a way of accepting the positive energy, setting positive intentions for the home, and welcoming potential for joy in the future– have a tasty snack or drink, hug someone, listen to music you like, have a bath or shower, etc. 

Charge a key as a waymaking talisman. You can use your house key, office key, car key, mailbox key, etc. A key that you use daily or often is ideal for this purpose. On or around New Year, place the key on your altar or whatever feels like the central area of your home. You can burn a candle or incense nearby, and also speak or write down your intentions for the key, or draw a sigil, and leave the key sitting on top of the paper for a while. Then, each time you use the key, remember your goal and imagine that turning the key in the lock is helping you get closer to the goal, unlocking obstacles, unlocking fresh motivation or new skills, etc. 

Do some personal scrying. New year is a great time to pull tarot cards for oneself or get a reading done, or generally watch for signs in nature and the world around you. You can also roll dice to determine personal lucky numbers or numerical to watch for. Use your intuition– what information do you feel like you need in order to move forward confidently, and where you can you seek this? 

Give something away. Gifting or donating old items can be a powerful way to release blockages, move forward, mark personal life chapters or changes, and invite assistance from the universe going forward. Choose what you want to give away, think about what it means to you. (You might choose to give away old school books, or an ex’s hoodie, or jeans that don’t fit anymore, or an item you were given but didn’t use much, etc. This is a good time to declutter your space!) Depending on the item and its history, you might want to do a simple cleanse before giving it away– waft some incense over it, spritz it with spray or perfume, sprinkle it with salt or herbs, set it in the sunshine for a few minutes, etc. When you give/donate the item, think about offering it sincerely as a way of symbolically sharing positive energy and wisdom from your own experience, letting go of what you no longer need, allowing negative energy to fall away, and inviting the universe to give you what you need for the next steps in your path.

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