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we offer tarot & Lenormand card readings, in addition to cleromancy, fire scrying, and Akashic records assistance,


we offer flexible coaching options to support you in traveling your own spiritual path.

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make the most of energetically powerful times of year, such as solstices, equinoxes, celestial events, & More

The act of ritual is powerful, and it can be even more meaningful when shared with others. When you work with us, we help you channel your wishes and energy into custom ritual actions to help amplify your efforts, draw the universe’s attention, and bring divine assistance to help you reach your goals. Our seasonal group rituals and personal services allow you to draw on the best energy available any time of year.

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180 acres off the grid in Appalachia

We host private spiritual retreats for individuals and groups, offering comfortable guest rooms, scenic campsites, custom meal plans, and on-site ritual work. Visit us in-person for an immersive experience to reinvigorate your spiritual pathwork.

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